LC3-has been used in many different regions and different scales. Overall, more than 25 applications were already built with LC3.

In India, the most prominent project is the model Jhansi, India. This house is made 98% out of LC3 and it used 26.6 t of industrial waste (192 kg/sqm) and Saved 15.5 t of CO2 (114 kg/sqm). These CO2-savings are similar to the emissions of 10 passengers traveling by plane from Switzerland to South Africa.

Model house

Model house in Jhansi

But there are also numerous other projects in India. For example, the offices of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in the compound of the Swiss Embassy in Delhi were built with LC3-prefab materials. Furthermore, some roads, a check damn and pavements were built.You find a selection of these applications on the photos.

Embassy photo

Swiss Embassy building in Delhi

check damn

Check dam in Orchha


Sample of LC3-prefab materials

In Latin America, several applications have been built. They are mainly in Cuba but also in other countries. Among those applications are a LC3-house, testing sites in the sea, art sculptures and pavements.

Also for Latin America, you find a selection of the construction of the applications on the photos below.


Model house in Santa Clara


LC3-pavements at UCLV

Concrete panels

LC3 in use

Sculpture 2

LC3 for Biennale