Bloomberg article on LC3

8 octobre 2020

Last week, Bloomberg published an article on LC3 in their series « Bloomberg Green ». The publication shows the potential and the […]

LC3 TED-talk

6 octobre 2020

On 10 Oct, TED publishes its series on climate change. Karen Scrivener was invited to present the breakthrough-technology Limestone Calcined […]

Large-scale LC3-production in Colombia

8 juillet 2020

Cementos Argos started the production and distribution of « Cemento Verde » which is a LC3-composition. Their product reduces up to 38% […]

100th Anniversary of the EPFL-LMC and Prof. Scrivener 60th birthday

20 août 2018

Today, the conference « 100th Anniversary of the LMC and Prof. Scrivener 60th birthday » started at EPFL in Switzerland. The conference […]

Mesa redonda: Las universidades cubanas mirando hacia el futuro

26 juin 2018

“Este material, igual de efectivo en comparación con otro tipo de cementos, está listo para salir a la práctica, cubrir […]

Escambray: Un cemento para el Nobel

4 juin 2018

Desde hace casi una década, expertos cubanos y suizos dirigidos por el profesor Fernando Martirena amasan la idea de producir […]

Low-Carbon Cement Gains Ground in Non-US Markets

9 mai 2018

A new type of lowcarbon cement that is based on a blend of limestone and calcined clay is gaining acceptance […]

Reminder: registration LC3-Information Day and technical visit

30 avril 2018

We hope that you have already seen our announcements about the LC3-Information Day on 17 May 2018 in Zurich. This Information Day […]

First Prize at Young Researchers’ Forum

12 avril 2018

LC3-PhD candidate Franco Zunino won a first prize with his presentation on LC3 at the 4th Young Researchers’ Forum of […]