Infinite journey by Wilfredo Prieto, Cuba

The internationally renowned artist Wilfredo Prieto will use LC3 for his project "infinite journey" in Cuba. The sculpture is nurtured with influences from Land Art and Conceptualism. It is a big scale piece consisting in the creation of a one-kilometer highway reproducing the infinitum mathematical symbol. 

The characteristics of LC3-cement regarding sustainability, resource efficiency and nature preservation go hand in hand with the message of infinity of the piece of art. By using LC3, the artist is aiming to increase awareness about eco-friendly solutions and to contribute to achieve climate action goals. 

During the 2nd International Conference on Calcined Clays in December 2017, Wilfredo Prieto hosted a reception at his studio in Havana and presented his project to a wide audience.

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Projection of the final appearance of the project
This picture shows a model of the "infinite journey"-project at Wilfredo Prieto's studio in Havana, Cuba