The LC3-project established two LC3-Resource Centres in India and Cuba. They serve as the interface with the industry and provide a wide range of consultancy services in order assess the feasibility of raw materials for LC3-production and its application in concretes. The Resource Centres also offer consultancy on sustainability analyses.

The LC3-Resource Centres' services include:

  • Testing of Kaolonitic Clays for LC3
  • Live Cycle Assessment in cement production
  • Testing facilities for use of LC3 in concrete and concrete based applications
  • Customized training on LC3 for cement and concrete professionals
  • Material characterization and calcination services for use of clay resources in LC3 formulation.
  • LC3-based standard certified materials for research purposes.

For the industry, the services of the RCs are a unique opportunity to acquire tailored advisory about the feasibility and implementation of LC3.

Over the course of the project, the LC3-partners have worked on projects all over the world. The Indian RC mainly covers the work in Asia and East Africa. The Cuban RC works mostly in North and Latin America as well as in West Africa.

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