The Technical Resource Centre India (TRC India) is located in Delhi. In the past, it has worked for numerous industrial contractors from Asian and African countries. It is equipped with modern testing facilities and qualified scientific personnel and provides consultancy services such as:

  • Testing of Kaolonitic Clays for LC3
  • Live Cycle Assessment in cement production
  • Testing facilities for use of LC3 in concrete and concrete based applications
  • Customized training on LC3 for cement and concrete professionals
  • Material characterization and calcination services for use of clay resources in LC3 formulation.
  • LC3-based standard certified materials for research purposes.

Being established by the LC3-project, the TRC benefits of state-of-the-art knowledge from all LC3-project partners in India, Cuba and Switzerland. Moreover, the Indian TRC is in close collaboration with the Cuban TRC to guarantee the highest possible quality of services.

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