Prof. Karen Scrivener featured in a documentary by NZZ Format, broadcast by Swiss media outlet SRF1.

The following documentary (30min) is in German, with subtitles that can be automatically translated (see below).

Green concrete – will the climate killer become a climate saver?

Concrete – a modern building material: houses, towers, bridges, tunnels, dams, nothing works today without concrete. After water, concrete is the most traded raw material.

Eight percent of global carbon dioxide emissions come from concrete manufacture. The impact on the climate is more than twice as high as global air traffic. Time to look for solutions. Karen Scrivener, a professor at EPFL, has developed a cement that emits 40 percent less CO2 and is helping to make the construction boom in emerging markets more environmentally friendly. Swiss companies such as Jura Cement are doing pioneering work.

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