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A global durability centre in Fribourg

Originally published in French, in PME magazine Karen Scrivener is a world leader in her field. Director of the Laboratory of the EPFL’s Construction Materials Laboratory, she invented the celebrated LC3 cement in 2008. LC3 cement, which reduces CO emissions by 40% compared to conventional cement. How does it work? […]

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Concrete – a game changer in climate technology

Tough stuff – that suits her. Karen Scrivener is a renowned expert on the world’s most widely used building materials: concrete and cement. But cement as a binding agent has fallen into disrepute as a “climate killer”. The professor disagrees. The head of the Laboratory for Building Materials at EPFL’s […]

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Warum grauer Beton so schillernd ist

Karen Scrivener, Leiterin des Labors für Baumaterialien an der EPFL in Lausanne, forscht über Baustoffe, die unser Leben prägen und es bald nachhaltig verbessern sollen – was noch nicht der Fall ist. Ursprünglich veröffentlicht in der NZZ Knallharte Materie – das liegt ihr. Karen Scrivener ist eine renommierte Exper­ tin […]

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