The Technical Resource Centre Latin America (TRC Latin America) is managed from Glarus, Switzerland. It works together with CIDEM in Santa Clara and EPFL in Lausanne. In the past, it has worked for numerous industrial contractors from all over North and Latin America.

The LC3 Technology Resource Centre (LC3-TRC) in Latin America has been established to act as interface between industry an academy for a swift introduction of the new developments in the area of LC3 in the North and Latin American Region. The TRC is a provider of green solutions to all types of enterprises in the construction sector based.

LC3-TRC offers consultancy and support in LCimplementation including technical advice for equipment selection, purchase and installation. Customized services are also provided on demand. The LC3-TRC proposition is a very unique option to go green for constructions industry in the continent.

Being established by the LC3-project, the TRC benefits of state-of-the-art knowledge from all LC3-project partners which are TARA, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, EPFL in Switzerland and, Universidad de las Villa (UCLV). Moreover, the Latin American TRC closely collaborates with the Indian TRC to guarantee the highest possible quality of services.

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