On 20 May 2021, Karen Scrivener will present LC3 at the Industry Transition Summit of Climate Action

In her session she will discuss "How do we tackle cement decarbonisation? Does technology hold the key?"

The Industry Transition Summit is a two day event taking place on 18 & 20 May, as part of Climate Action’s Transition Month, along with the Energy Transition Summit, and Transport Transition Summit.

Industry accounts for roughly 30% of global CO2 emissions and as demand for products including steel, cement, chemicals and precious metals is set to increase, industrial actors will have to cut emissions sharply in order to achieve the 1.5-degree scenario.

The Industry Transition Summit aims to bring together key players in industry and hard to abate sectors to further drive decarbonisation through policy and regulation, to innovation, technology and investment.

More information on: https://events.climateaction.org/transition-summits/industry/