"Turning cement from a climate risk into the opposite"

We focus on research projects in the field of cement hydration, alternative cementitious materials, and thermodynamic data.

We are pioneering efficient use of resources and waste materials, as well as development of alternative, low-carbon binders. Our cutting-edge laboratory facilities support both our research projects and our services to the industry.

Field of Expertise
  • Hydration mechanisms of cementitious materials
  • Thermodynamic modeling
  • Characterisation techniques
  • Pore solutions
  • Supplementary cementitious materials and non-Portland cement binders
  • Editorial board of Cement & Concrete Research
  • Advances in Cement Research
  • Materiales de Construccion
  • RILEM and RILEM Technical Committees
  • Member/coordinator of "CEMNET" since 2002: CEMNET is an organisation of Swiss researchers in the field of cement and concrete

© Beat Geyer/EMPA
© Beat Geyer/EMPA