Scientific knowledge transfer

Our teams at EPFL, CIDEM, IIT Delhi and IIT Madras are the world-leading scientific experts on Limestone Calcined Clay Cement. With experience of more than 10 years on the topic, we offer knowledge transfer. Academic training can be provided regarding the topics hydration of LC3-cements. Specific focus areas can include Hydration, Pozzolanic reactivity assessment, XRD and microscopy, Mechanical behaviour overtime, Mix design and admixtures, Hands-on practical sessions.

Industrial training focusing operational questions

At CIDEM in Santa Clara / Cuba and TARA in Delhi, our LC3-partners can provide trainings focusing on operational processes. Our team has worked in more than 40 countries and with all different types of equipment. Following the advice of our long-term experience will be an important asset in guaranteeing a smooth implementation of LC3-production.

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