The LC3-project concerns Limestone Calcined Clay Cement which has a huge potential to lower CO2 emissions of cementitious materials. Significant progress has been made over the first three years of the project including extensive research, laboratory trials and first industrial productions. These results were shared on 02 February 2018 with an international audience at the 4th Stakeholder Meeting of the LC3-project.

The meeting also included an introduction to the LC3 Technology Resource Centre (TRC) in India. The TRC has been initiated to provide state the art knowledge on LC3 and related products. The center provides consultancy services for establishing feasibility of LC3 in cement production and testing facilities for use of LC3 in concrete and concrete applications. The network offering support consists of IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, TARA, EPFL  and CIDEM Cuba. Direct contact to the TRC: